Axbizz is the first and only Internet-based Real-Time Automated Website's Conversion Factors Analyzer Engine. What does all that mean?

Our team combined a significant deal of research, empirical information and hands-on expertise acquired as knowledgeable Web users, Marketers and Optimizers to create this innovative analytical tool. AxBizz provides tangible values to PPC processes associated to creative intuition. At the same time, AxBizz provides relevant and precise information that can reduce the level of uncertainty that affect the success of a PPC Campaign.


So is Axbizz the right app for me?

  • AxBizz can help Advertisers to create better targeted campaigns that take into account the website's current transactional capabilities.
  • Web Marketers can use AxBizz to devise more effective marketing strategies and to propose more realistic campaign's goals.
  • Business Owners can use AxBizz to pinpoint a Website/Landing Page's shortcomings and thus make the necessary changes in order to improve its conversion rate. It can help them answer questions such as:
    • Does the website provide users with all the necessary trustmarks and seals of approval to generate confidence and trust?
    • Does it include the keywords that fire the relevant ad copy to the user?
    • Does the Website/Landing Page's anatomy facilitate the conversion process?
    • Does the Website/Landing Pages comply with the standards proposed by W3, Market and Search Engines?
  • For PPC Campaign Optimizers, AxBizz can be a benchmark for their strategies and help them make informed decisions about possible campaign's outcomes.
  • Market Researchers can use the tool to analyze several aspects of a market's behavior in order to:
    • Locate prospect clients,
    • Know what the competition is doing
    • Determine how much of a market share does a brand control.

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